10 Recommended Quality Standards for Pet Sitters

Please note that The Pet Sitter Portal is providing this information as a free service. The businesses listed on this website are not required to adhere to these standards, nor do we police our members in any way regarding these standards. If you wish to know if a business adheres to these or any other standards, you should contact them directly.

  1. Pet Sitters should be bonded and insured.
  2. Pet Sitters should provide references.
  3. Pet Sitters should visit the each client’s home before the first assignment so they may meet the pets and receive detailed instructions about their care.
  4. Pet Sitters should learn as much as possible about the animals in their care and strive to continually learn new information and skills about pet care.
  5. Pet Sitters should provide a service contract which specifies services and fees.
  6. Pet Sitters should have a website to display services, rates, policies and contact information to be available at any time to customers.
  7. Pet Sitters should provide a feedback form for clients.
  8. Pet Sitters should take precautions to ensure a client’s absence from their home is not detected through carelessness.
  9. Pet Sitters should have a veterinarian on call for emergency services and have a contingency plan in case of disasters and emergencies.
  10. Pet Sitters should call to confirm the client has returned home.