Finding a Pet Sitter: 10 Things 2 Look 4

  1. Pet Sitters should provide proof of commercial liability insurance (for accidents and negligence) and be bonded (against theft by a pet sitter or employees).
  2. Pet Sitters should provide a written service contract detailing services and fees.
  3. Pet Sitters should have a website with a list of services, rates, policies and contact information available at all times.
  4. Pet Sitters should be comfortable, confident, relaxed and friendly around your pets.
  5. Pet Sitters should have experience and continue to train and educate themselves about animals.
  6. Pet Sitters should come to your home and meet your pets before beginning an assignment.
  7. Pet Sitters should take notes of your pet’s medications, routines, etc.
  8. Pet Sitters should be associated with a veterinarian who can provide emergency services.
  9. Pet Sitters should have back-up plans for emergencies.
  10. Pet sitters should provide references with contact information.

Why Use a Pet Sitter?

Pets are happiest and least stressed when they are in their own home environment–their “territory.” A familiar environment, diet and exercise routine are all essential to an animal’s well-being. Eliminating the trauma of being transported in a carrier and minimizing exposure to illnesses from neighboring animals at kennels will make your vacation and your pets time away from you much happier.

If you use a pet sitter, you no longer have to impose on family, friends and neighbors. Often, neighbor children are entrusted with care of a pet while the owner is away. This is not the safest option available however, Children can be irresponsible or forgetful. Entrusting the safety of your home and the health of your pets to a paid professional ensures that they will be well taken care of and gives you peace of mind on during your time away.

Pet sitters can provide a variety of other related services for the security and maintenance of your home while you are away. As a crime deterrent, pet sitters can adjust lighting, shades, radios, and bring in mail and newspapers. Pet sitters can also water plants, run errands, and a multitude of other specialized services for the security of your home and safety of your pets.

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